How to Block Whatsapp (WA) Incoming Calls Easily

How to Block Whatsapp (WA) Incoming Calls Easily – In addition to BBM, Line, and Messenger, Whatsapp is also one of the most popular chat applications and even the most widely used either Indonesia or the world. Whatsapp is a chat application that has many advantages that are very interesting and make the users feel at home, including the many interesting features such as video calls, voice calls, emojis with GIF format, can send even high-resolution images or other features. , Besides that on the WhatsApp page there is also no ad that makes it annoying to its users, it is only natural that WhatsApp is now the most popular chat application compared to other chat applications.

Apart from some of the advantages that WhatsApp has, there are shortcomings that the WhatsApp application lacks, one of which is the absence of an incoming call blocking feature or block the video call on WhatsApp. For now, WhatsApp only has a phone number or contact blocking feature, by blocking numbers or contacts that we don’t like, the contact will automatically no longer appear in the WhatsApp contact. It’s just that this feature is certainly not very effective, because of not a few of WhatsApp users who want to block WhatsApp incoming calls instead of numbers or WhatsApp contacts

How to Block Whatsapp (WA) Incoming Calls Easily

Well, maybe you are also one of the WhatsApp users who want to block WhatsApp calls. Yups you right visit this article, because in this article we will share the tutorial on how to block incoming calls on WhatsApp. With this trick, you can block incoming calls from the number of your former or friend who is reseĀ or often ignores you without having to block the contact number. Because you only block incoming calls, then you can still communicate by chatting with it. The trick is how to block WhatsApp incoming calls can be done easily, it’s just that before doing this trick please first modify your WhatsApp by downloading GBWhatsapp. Please download GBWhatsapp directly below.

Download the latest GB Whatsapp Apk Version 6.50 2018

[Tutorial] How to Easily Block Whatsapp (WA) Incoming Calls
Please first download GB Whatsapp by clicking the link that we have provided above, after that please install GBWhatsapp on your smartphone
Then please run GBWhatsapp then please log in using your number
After that, please choose one of the contacts that you want to block from incoming calls, then please select a special notification menu. Then please check the GUIDE for special notification and Disable VOice Call checklist
Now, the number you blocked cannot make incoming calls to your WhatsApp number
Now that’s the information we can convey about How to Block Whatsapp (WA) Incoming Calls Easily. Hopefully, this tutorial that we share can help those of you who are looking for a tutorial to block incoming calls on WhatsApp. Thank you and good luck

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